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How to Leverage the 5 Fundamental Human Desires to Influence Your Fans & Followers

What’s the guaranteed way to make money in a gold rush? In their wildest fantasies, most folks believe it’s through panning a rich, gold-bearing river or striking an untapped vein of the precious metal—that’s just waiting for the bravest and luckiest prospector to “mint” themselves a fortune. But objectively speaking, you know what most people find at the end of their journey? Nothing but […]

How to Harness Your Prospects’ Unspoken Desires to Exponentially Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

What are weight-loss programs really selling you? Is it… Tedious calorie-counting plans and shakes that cause inexplicable gastrointestinal symptoms? Sore joints, shaky knees, and the inability to walk down stairs because you did too many squats? Newfangled machinery, puddles of sweat, physical exhaustion, and mat herpes? …of course not! Instead, they’re selling you on… Six-pack abs, jealous coworkers, and that elusive […]