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Stay Motivated

MOTIVATION FOR LONG TERM SUCCESS Motivation isn’t always hard.  It’s actually “easy” when someone else is doing the motivating for you ( business coach or partners).  We are pretty much on our own trying to stay positive and focused on reaching a  goal, motivation is “elusive” and hard to maintain for the long term.  Here are […]

She Went From PHD to 6 Figure Earner In NM!

Grazyna Pajunen Interview: From Electrical Engineering PhD and University Professor to Network Marketing Six-Figure Earner Written by FERNY CEBALLOS | Why would someone with a successful, prestigious career in academia make the switch to network marketing? Honestly, a better question yet might be asking why more successful people aren’t making the same decision! And in the exclusive […]

**Building a Brand is NOT What Most People Think It Is…. How to Create a Powerful, Irresistible Brand—Despite Having No Logo, No Website, and a Crappy Profile Pic that Screams Amateur!

Did you know you’re already creating a brand online? Yep, even if you weren’t aware… YOU have a brand—regardless of whether you have a logo or fancy website, or not. And look, people talk about “branding” a lot, especially online, but here’s the deal… Building a brand is NOT what most people think it is. Well, here’s […]

How to Harness Your Prospects’ Unspoken Desires to Exponentially Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness

What are weight-loss programs really selling you? Is it… Tedious calorie-counting plans and shakes that cause inexplicable gastrointestinal symptoms? Sore joints, shaky knees, and the inability to walk down stairs because you did too many squats? Newfangled machinery, puddles of sweat, physical exhaustion, and mat herpes? …of course not! Instead, they’re selling you on… Six-pack abs, jealous coworkers, and that elusive […]

3 Steps to Become a Super Affiliate

Want to instantly become more attractive? Easy. Just slap on a pair of sunglasses. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, studies show that people universally look better in sunglasses. But why is this? Why are we naturally drawn to people wearing shades? Well, for one reason… We’re intrigued by the element of […]